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Monday, May 7, 2012

Polluted Air: More White Oppression of People of Color

The left wing groupthink has reached an amazing new level of ridiculousness.  I desperately avoid reading anything Huffington Post, but during a recent brain fart (politically correct version = brain burp!??!) I clicked on the following headline:

"Air Pollution, Asthma Burden Unevenly Shared Among U.S. Children"
Unevenly shared?  I didn't know asthma or air pollution was supposed to be distributed fairly.  Who knew???  When you read words like "unevenly shared", especially coming from a source like HuffPo, you know what's coming next:  a liberal whine about how unfair life is for some minority group.  And this piece of crap writing is no different.  (By the way, this piece of work is not in HuffPo's Healthy Living section, it's in the Green section.  So it's not about health, its about the left's political green agenda.)
"We know that air quality is unacceptable in many places," said Christopher Paul, a graduate student in environmental policy at Duke University. "This is just one of a number of assaults on children's well-being that makes it harder to lead healthy, successful lives." Paul is a researcher on a study published last year that describes disparities in air quality around the U.S. By pairing census data with air pollution levels from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's monitoring network, his team found that low-income and minority groups -- in particular, poor children of color -- tend to be most exposed to air pollution. ...Disadvantaged kids not only breathe disproportionate amounts bad air, but they also can be more vulnerable to the ill effects of that bad air.

Hmmm.  I wonder why Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson haven't caught on to this...  So if advantaged kids were to breathe disproportionately (whatever that is) greater amounts of bad air, they won't be subject to the same ill effects as the disadvantaged?  As if suddenly conscious of the lopsidedness of her blog, writer Lynne Peeples interjects an example of a rich white girl who died of asthma (which is found down in paragraph 19 out of 27).  But when the girl's father tells HuffPo that it's not about just one income group or demographic, and that asthma affects everyone, the topic swiftly shifts to the EPA's fight against carbon emissions (footprints?).  That paragraph predictably ends with the accusatory declaration, "The proposed carbon restrictions could further decrease asthma's death toll. The biggest beneficiaries: disadvantaged groups." 
Ah, so when conservatives fight against a bogus, hypocritical carbon footprint agenda, they are really trying to kill off disadvantaged children.  Power plants and generating stations are part of the white oppressive establishment.
It would appear to me that the solution is bussing.  Bussing the polluted air out to the 'burbs where the rich white people live and bringing in the pure, pristine air on the return trip to the inner city.  (Peeples not-so-subtly insinuates that blacks don't live in the suburbs and whites don't live in the inner city.)  I'm sure that the Obama administration could find more money somewhere to fund this bussing endeavor, and probably create millions more green jobs at the same time!

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