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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Voted in Arizona's CD-8 Special Election

I just got home from work and voting in Arizona's CD-8 special election.  Gabrielle Giffords resigned after her shooting injury to facilitate her recovery.  Her sidekick, Ron Barber, got her blessing and ran unopposed by other Democrats (not at first however).  The Republican primary was in January, and Jesse Kelly won the nomination.

I always feel a sense of responsibility and contribution when I vote, even in an election like this  (despite the somewhat high profile nature of this election, the winner is only CD-8 representative for 6 months.  The general election in November is the big one).  I'll admit to being a little naive, but even in a state that has weathered some of the nation's most blistering attacks (and continues to) in recent memory, the election process here is clean.  What we say is what gets counted and reported.  No hanging chads here.  Occasionally there are "irregularities", such as mysterious people going door to door offering to take voters' early ballots to the polls for them, but these have been quickly brought to light and addressed.

So now we wait, but in my mind, my eyes are targeted on November.

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