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Friday, July 27, 2012

Border Patrol Local 2544 Speaks Out

Crossposted at Blogs For Borders.
President Obama is making life hell for Border Patrol agents.  Yesterday we posted a brief video from a press conference that included statements from ICE and the Border Patrol about the chaos resulting from President Obama's amnesty for "dreamers".  Here's what the rank and file of Border Patrol agents think, reposted from Local 2544 (which covers most of Arizona).

[Note - For those who do not know, IRCA 1986 was a very mixed message:  It granted amnesty for illegal aliens who had lived in the U.S. continuously for at least 4 years, and amnesty for some agricultural workers.  At the same time, however, it penalized employers who knowingly hired illegal aliens, and "increased enforcement at U.S. borders".
AFGE is the American Federation of Government Employees AFL-CIO.  That last part says quite a bit.  John Gage is AFGE's soon-to-retire president.
NBPC is the National Border Patrol Council, which was represented at the press conference cited above.]

From Local 2544:
"07-27-12 More shenanigans from the Obama Administration. The inmates are now running the asylum as it pertains to our immigration enforcement, just like they did with IRCA 1986 [link]. Agents are told to turn a blind eye to nearly everything outside mass murder, the lie that the "border is secure" continues to be spread, and the American people fund all this shameful political gamesmanship with their tax dollars.
AFGE continues to blindly praise the Obama Administration while constantly attacking and blaming "right wing lawmakers" and what they like to call the "super rich" for all the ills that befall us. During the last three years we have been under a pay freeze that is unrivaled for decades while the costs of everything from fuel and groceries to our insurance premiums have skyrocketed. Let's do the math here - that leaves much less money in our pockets while our home values continue to plummet and we face more cuts in pay (AUO) very shortly. Somebody at AFGE should WAKE THE HELL UP and stop kowtowing to the Obama Administration. The constant email messages and videos from John Gage are the single biggest source or irritation to our members in regards to their view of the union. That we have been able to build union membership in this Local and in the NBPC despite what AFGE does to turn members off is amazing.
See more on the immigration issue here."
Our borders are not secure, because the Obama administration and DHS Secretary Napolitano apparently DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE SECURE.

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