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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Georgetown Expels Student in Blatant Religious Intolerance Action

Georgetown University proves the hypocrisy of higher education holding forth the torch of diversity and inclusion.  It rarely is this blatant and visible, however.  Incoming freshman Jarrett Roby of Chicago was expelled from the prestigious summer Community Scholars Program because he refused to go to a LBGTQ sensitivity training. 

Roby is a conservative Christian and held no malice nor was he making a "statement" by not going, he just did not feel he needed to attend.  He was chastised by three dormitory RAs and notified of his expulsion the next day by program leaders.  He was then escorted off campus by GU police.

Kira Davis broke the story exclusively, and subsequently it has been picked up by other bloggers, including Michelle Malkin.

Conservative Observer AZ wrote the following email to the GU Office of Communications.  Will post when I get a response.

"What is GU's official response to the Jarrett Roby scandal? Will the Community Scholars Program staff be addressed about this?  Will there be any discipline for the CSP staff for their religious intolerance?  Will they have to go through their own class on religious freedom?
I am awaiting your reply...


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