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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guns Coming Into Arizona - From the South

According to our lying DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and pResident BO, Arizona's borders are secure. Things are apparently so good that Nappy's office officially put out Border Patrol training that instructed agents, when confronted with armed assailants, to run and hide. After the story reached FoxNews.com, media scrutiny (which started with a posting on Local 2544.org, the BP's union local site here in southern Arizona), the DHS backed off and said they would "revise and clarify" the training. A 7/24/2012 update posted on the site stated that nothing has changed. No revision, no clarification, nothing.  

[Oh, and by the way, Border Patrol agents (who's mission is stated in an earlier post here) in Sierra Vista, AZ tackled a drunken idiot who decided he was going to be threatening to the audience of the new Batman movie. The Cochise County Sheriff's Office stated it cause "mass hysteria" and a stampede by moviegoers.

I do have to point out another contributor to the chaotic aftermath mentioned by Local 2544... it has not yet been determined if the off-duty agents used the proper "run and hide" tactics advocated by DHS. We await the outcome on pins and needles.]

But I digress.

The drug cartels and coyotes bringing their products and illegal aliens up into the United States never know when they might need some good firepower. There have been running gunbattles on I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix, there have been extended firefights in the desert, most notably when cartel members set up and deliberately ambushed Pinal County Sheriff's deputies in the desert south of Phoenix a couple of years ago. One deputy had to be air-evac'ed out but fortunately survived. And of course, they murdered Arizona rancher Robert Krenz.

That's why they are stashing weapons all over the place here in southern Arizona.  They're gonna use 'em!  Assault rifles, handguns and explosives are half buried in the desert or hidden in caves, and very often members of the public such as hikers and landowners stumble upon them. 

Maybe they have too many guns in Mexico, what with the influx of weapons from Fast and Furious.
What would it mean for them to stash weapons up here in Arizona, except that their intended use is here in Arizona also.  SIDE NOTE:  Tighter gun control is NOT a good idea!

But it's good to know that our border is safe.


Source:  Arizona Daily Star


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    1. It amazes me how blind and naieve people can be, not to know danger when it is slapping them in the face. I'd like all those folks who have a "coexist" bumper sticker to have to drive Napolitano around in AF-PAK for a while.


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