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Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama's Socialist View of Parenting

Sometimes it's the little, offhanded comments that reveal the most.

I was browsing through my friends' blog sites, first at Innominatus, linked to The Best of Times in a Moogie's World, where I found this little gem reported.  I checked the source.  Sure enough.  It's right there in paragraph 17. 

Context:  The Associated Press is reporting in NOLA.com about Obama's talk there to the Urban League.  The AP is paraphrasing Obama's view on gun control legislation and other stuff.  Then they actually quote him, and blow right by it without comment.

From Nola.com (AP):
Obama's message was comprehensive, but he ultimately did not promise anything specific. He spoke of community policing strategies and mental health centers, or programs that steer people away into safe activities instead of gang violence, of ensuring that parents and teachers step in to fill a hole in a child's heart "that government alone cannot fill." (emphasis by Velcro).


  1. Ah yes, the ALL important government.

    1. Glad my kids are raised and they won't be forced to sing about Dear Leader (remember mmm-mmm-mmm?)...

  2. Your follow thingy doesn't recognize me. I'll try again later.

    1. Not sure what's up. Might have to reinstall, but I can't get back to it until this evening.


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