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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arizona Congressman Raul "boycott Arizona" Grijalva Reaffirms Himself as a Traitor

Lest there be any doubt about Arizona Congressman Raul "boycott Arizona" Grijalva's point of view, he reaffirmed it Monday to the Democrats of Greater Tucson.  Consider, as you read the following quote, 1) his readiness to inflict "economic consequences" to his own constituents, and 2) who the "group of people" are that he refers to in the last paragraph.

Raul "boycott Arizona" Grijalva is a Traitor
Raul Grijalva - Traitor
From the Arizona Daily Star:
“My opponents are running on the fact that ‘Oh my God, he said the ‘b’ word and he has caused all this dire consequences to come the state. Let me be unapologetic: we needed to nationalize this SB1070 issue. We couldn’t let it go in to the dark corner and just be a funny, little thing that happened in Arizona. This was a precedent, and the Supreme Court ruled on the precedent that it was unconstitutional in many aspects.”
“We asked the Attorney General to intervene, we asked the administration to intervene. And we said there is going to be economic consequences and there should be. For a state that can be this punitive, there is going to be consequences.”
"Have I taken some hits on that? Absolutely. But the unapology is about this: We are elected and sometimes, there is a direct attack, there is a direct issue that affects a group of people that are being marginalized. . . I’m not going to tolerate it. I’m going to speak up every time. I spoke up then and God willing, it will never happen again.”

1)  Grijalva's pride in having declared economic war against his own constituents makes obvious the fact that his allegiances are NOT with them.  He also makes it very clear that he will do it again if the right circumstances occur.

2)  The "group of people"  that he will not tolerate being marginalized are those at the center of the SB1070 issue:  Illegal Aliens.  Specifically, Latinos Chicanos/Chicanas. 

These two facts quoted straight from his mouth add up to one conclusion.  Raul Grijalva is a traitor to America who supports the influx of illegal aliens ("Chicanos/Chicanas") to liberate "Aztlan". 

Next:  Aztlan and MEChA.

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  1. I dare that ass wipe to sit in a lounge chair on the border.

    1. He's a real piece of work Odie. Needs to be removed from office, ...for starters.

  2. I still say he looks like the love child of Ron Jeremy and Jabba the Hutt.

    1. @Wraith: Funny you say that! Another commenter in the past concluded that he was the offspring of a tarantula and a deflated basketball.

      Maybe we should have a contest...


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