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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Border War Continues: Harry Reid Gives Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens Under Amnesty

I hope you all read Bill Smith's post yesterday at Blogs For Borders (also at IOwnTheWorld), about the 10 ICE agents who filed suit against Department of Homeland inSecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano, rightfully claiming that they are being ordered to break the law they have sworn to uphold (and this isn't the first time - does Fast and Furious ring a bell?). 

On the heels of this comes horrible news that I saw first on the Border Patrol union's local 2544 web site, citing a story by FoxNews.com.

Not only has Obama invited millions of illegal aliens to come take American jobs (I know they estimate 800,000, but they don't consider the incentive it creates for more to cross the border and make the claim they're "Dreamers"), they apparently can actually get even more money in tax credits.

"[Senator] Sessions [R-Ala] co-sponsored a bill earlier this year to bar illegal immigrants from receiving the credit, but the bill was blocked from reaching the floor by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid."

Where is the responsibility?  Where is the accountability?  It seems the Democrats have decided upon a scorched earth policy as their time in office winds down to November.  This current administration has done more to undermine American sovereignty than the Soviets did in all of the Cold War. 

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