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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bigoted Hypocrite Grijalva Smear Campaign

Two days before the primary election was even held that made Gabriela Saucedo Mercer the Republican candidate challenging progressive Democrat Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva for Arizona's CD-3 seat in November, Grijalva had already started his smear campaign against Saucedo Mercer. 

A cheesy, poorly edited (and probably illegal) video compilation from a WesternFreePress.com interview with Saucedo Mercer was posted (by a 64 year-old person named "PeopleForGrijalva") on YouTube on Sunday August 27th.  The next morning, it was on Grijalva's Facebook page.  By Tuesday evening, at 11:11pm, the Arizona Daily "Red" Star had a video posted online, under the title, "Video Excerpts Released by Grijalva Campaign."  They got no (zero=0) comments, so probably nobody noticed it.  What to do?  On Wednesday morning at 6:30am, a big article showed up ("Grijalva Slams Saucedo Mercer On 'Middle Easterner' Comments", posted in Home-->News-->Local).  It generated an incredible 223 comments, and it clearly had everyone's attention.  Probably due to the clamoring of chopped editing designed to make Saucedo Mercer sound racist, at 1:48 that afternoon, the full video of the interview was posted, without a story, this time in Home-->Online-->Video... a completely different location in the Star's web site.  It generated zero comments.  Hmmm.  Also that afternoon the story went national on Reuters, in an even more exaggerated article. 

Now comes Thursday morning, August 30th, and a new article online that also made the front page of the print edition, titled, "US-Arab Group Demands Apology".  THIS escalation article generated 241 comments.

That Grijalva has orchestrated a smear campaign up to a national level is not in doubt.  The Star's first article, on Wednesday morning, includes the following [emphasis mine]:
"Grijalva posted a video compilation of Saucedo Mercer's comments on his campaign's Facebook page Tuesday morning...Grijalva issued a news release saying, 'This is reckless hate speech, and I call on everyone who has endorsed Gabriela Mercer to withdraw their support immediately.'"

This makes clear what kind of hypocrite bastard Raul Grijalva really is.  He deliberately distorts quotes by his opponent and then self-righteously calls on everyone to withdraw their support for Saucedo Mercer.

Playing the race card has become such a worn out liberal tactic.  Yet he tries to create a firestorm to draw attention away from the fact that he hasn't accomplished diddly-squat for the people of southern Arizona.  He's like a schoolyard bully, who has to put others down to make himself feel built up.  Must make him feel powerful, trying to make people fall into line through intimidation. 

Made to portray her as a racist, the video is not the first dirty politics trick Grijalva has launched against the conservative candidate.  A month or so ago Saucedo Mercer's Facebook page was the target of a blitzkrieg attack of nasty comments within a two hour period after she posted a quote.  Interestingly, 95% of these were posted by people from outside of Arizona.  Is that because the citizens of CD-3 are not as vicious as Grijalva and his compadres (I use the term deliberately)? 

Watch Grijalva's tactics from now to November 6th. 

Ask yourself if this is the kind of person you want to represent you?

Grijalva acts as a cornered animal.  As Gabby said, Grijalva must be very afraid of her.

And he should be.

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