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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Local 2544: Standing Ovation Ordered for Aguilar

Regular readers of this blog know that the web site for the Border Patrol's Tucson sector, www.local2544.org, is one of my best sources to put out the word about what's happening on the level of the men and women in the field.  Several interesting posts have been put up in the past couple of days.  We begin with notice of a visit by David Aguilar to the Nogales station.

David V. Aguilar, Acting Commissioner of
US Customs and Border Protection

Background: "David V. Aguilar was named Acting Commissioner of U. S. Customs and Border Protection on December 30, 2011. As Acting Commissioner of the Department of Homeland Security’s agency responsible for integrated border management, immigration control and trade and travel processing, Aguilar leads a workforce of 60,000, including 43,000 uniformed law enforcement officers." (copied from CBP.gov)

Having introduced Aguilar, it seems that his proximity to Washington D.C., Janet Napolitano, and the Obama administration is having a bad effect on his ego... possibly.  I leave doubt because it could be that the Nogales bigwigs and not Aguilar himself instigated what is described below.

The following is re-posted in full from Local 2544.org, the Border Patrol union web site for the Tucson sector and nearly all of Arizona.
"08-06-12 David Aguilar will reportedly visit Nogales station agents tomorrow afternoon. Multiple agents have reported that they were ordered to give Aguilar a standing ovation when he walks into the muster room. We have verified this with multiple sources, including managers. The agents are understandably disgusted.
So let's get this straight. Agents have been under a pay freeze for 3 years while our home values have plummeted and our cost of living has skyrocketed. We have received multiple reports that we are looking at a 20% to 32% pay cut being pushed by DHS and CBP managers. The Obama administration is forcing another disgraceful amnesty program down our throats to reward people who get by us after we risk our lives to stop them. Tucson sector's operating budget has been cut by millions of dollars under the Obama administration, which will result in the same scenarios that we've had in years past, with agents driving worn out junk patrol vehicles, ammo shortages and other assorted cuts that will endanger agents and make our jobs even harder to carry out. And someone is upset because the last time Aguilar was in Nogales he didn't get a standing ovation from the agents? Are you kidding? This is what is important to egomaniacs. And it's not just the rank-and-file agents who are upset with Aguilar's antics. Many of his managers, who we will never name, are fed up with him as well.
It was reported that all questions from the agents to Aguilar had to be submitted for screening before they could be asked. That position was slightly modified after the union questioned it. Now we are told that agents will be able to freely ask questions, AFTER all the pre-screened questions are asked and answered. Of course, if there is time after Aguilar puts on his performance. We will see how he reacts tomorrow and whether he alters his performance."
Next: Will Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) be cut?

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