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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tolerance, Civility, Inclusion and Hate Speech: Liberals are Hypocrites!

Civility.  Tolerance.  Inclusion.  No hate speech.  These nice, even lofty sounding words are simply packed with righteousness and truth, aren't they?  As a conservative, I can say that these ARE good things to strive for, and they should apply equally to all.  Conservatives, however, are NOT the ones running around screaming these words.  Only liberals.  Why?  Because they don't want them equally for all.  Liberals only want it their way, only for some people (that they get to choose), and they're determined to make civility and hate speech an issue for everyone!

You'll hear them among the different liberal pet peeves:  LGBTQRST (oh, did T already) demanding that society endorse a lifestyle that many oppose on moral and/or legal grounds; illegal aliens (oops, immigrants), who ought to just say the word to get citizenship, work, the right to vote, and more; and we ought to have more sensitivity to Muslims so that they can oppress women and behead infidels with Sharia law... and the list goes on.

Hate speech shows racism, intolerance, and incivility, right?  It seems we can all agree on that, right?  Well, let's see.

After a blog post I put up that called out the President and the media for what I believe was a racially motivated overfocus on the Trayvon Martin case, I naturally got comments back.  Credit where credit is due: some, while disagreeing strongly with me, were reasonable.  I can be called an idiot and it's ok.  That's not hate speech, at least to me.  But here's a sampling of what 90% of the comments were like [my commentary in brackets], then I'll make 2 final points.
  • You bunch of hillbilly racist f***tards! You think this **** is funny? [nothing in the post implied this].  Yeah, it's real f***ing funny when kids die! [don't know where you got this idea].  Give me a f***ing break! You pieces of **** think that your white privilege is so f***ing undeniable that the President should bow down to you at every turn [uh, no, didn't say that either. and what if I'm brown?]. Just because he doesn't address every f***ing crime in the nation you want to try to convince people that he is the racist and not you [nope on this too]? Go f*** yourselves. You are the embodiement of everything that is wrong in this f***ing country and the world! Your hate will carry you straight to hell where you belong! [my hate?]  And if I forgot to mention it F*** YOU!!!
  • And you're among the most morally reprehensible, repulsive bigots on the Internet. [hateful personal attack]
  • It must be sad to exist with such small minded hate dictating your every thought. It is even sadder that you feel the need to share your small mind with the world.  [sounds hateful to me]
  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator because he is a typical intolerant, Teabagging moron. Or as his colleges spell it, MORAN.  [hate speech though it is, it's amusing too]
  • F***ing a**hole you keep removing comments because you are too f***ing stupid to defend your racist a** bull****! You go****n piece of ****! Delete this one to! So I can write another one! F*** you!
  • Oh now it has to be approved huh? You f***ing loser just f***ing kill yourself you f***ing slimy little pr*ck!
  • If Family-Friendly commenting is encouraged, wouldn't it be consistent to post family-friendly content. Your cartoon is offensive, racist, and shameful. You should apologize to the candidate you appear to be supporting [what?]. But then perhaps she [oh, you are attacking whom I endorsed] is actually affiliated with this site and agrees with you [did you read the line just below the blog name?]. If you don't like Obama, run a candidate at the national level that can compete [we are].
Point 1:  Did I mention that the post that brought all of this hoo-ha on was put up in March 2012?  Did I also mention that all of the anti-post comments were posted on September 29, 2012 within a 12 hour period?   So the hate spewing liberals attacking this site launched a coordinated blitz, 6 months after the fact.  Hate comes in many forms, doesn't it?
Point 2:  The last comment above is trying to link this blogpost's supposed racism to Arizona's 3rd Congessional District's conservative candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, who is trying to unseat ultra-leftist progressive Democrat Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva.  Saucedo Mercer endured a similar targeted cyber attack back in the summer, to which was added a Grijalva-led racism smear campaign using doctored video 2 days before the primary election in August.  Oh, and... yes.  My comment box does request family-friendly commenting. 
Beware liberals spouting civility, inclusion, and tolerance euphemisms.  Don't get caught up in their HATE.

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