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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Raul Grijalva Disrespects Latino Voters

I hate it when politicians claim to be a champion "for" a certain group of people when in fact they denigrate those people and use them for their own political gain.

Take Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva for example.  He recently made the following statements.
"...we can say the Latino vote is here for good, and it is here for big stakes. There have been plenty of announcements, plenty of arrivals and plenty of breaking-out parties. That process is over. The curtain has fallen. If anyone doubts that Latinos will be a big part of our political future, this election is going to be a very big wake-up call."
At first glance, Grijalva sounds quite the cheerleader for Latinos.  But if you reflect a minute, you begin to see that he is actually affirming the myth that Latino voters have not been important in the past, that they've been nobodies.  He pats them condescendingly on the head like a proud tata and tells them how big they have grown.

The difference lies between valuing Latino voters and valuing the Latino vote.

He is disrespecting Latino voters because what is important in his mind is the utilitarian nature of the Latino vote.  He judges the value of the Latino vote from a political end, whether politicians or other people think they are useful or important, instead of respecting and valuing them for the votes they have always cast as Americans for generations.

If Grijalva can keep their attention focused on the label that he is a champion for, then they will identify with that label and vote the way people with the label are supposed to vote - his way.  After all, he's their champion.  He "fights" to lift them from the second-class-citizen myth that comes with the label, and because they could not do it without him, he becomes the hero who deserves their support.

That's the story he feeds them, rather than telling the truth.  Because the truth is, that Latino voters, American citizens, who are Latino, have always had and will always have a vote that is equal in power to the vote of Americans who are Black, White, Red, Yellow, or whatever color the government has labelled them with (to use a great phrase that Gabriela Saucedo Mercer coined).

Latino voters do not have to be chained to a label that keeps Raul Grijalva as their hero.  They do not have to vote the way they are supposed to vote, to keep Grijalva in office.

It is time to retire the self-proclaimed champion, Raul Grijalva.

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