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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mexican Border Security: The Perfect Storm

I apologize to my readers for my absence this past week, but I was unavoidably ordered to the east coast where I gorged myself on great, fresh seafood at my employer's expense. It was a tough week, but somebody had to do it...

How seriously should we take Gabriela Saucedo Mercer's warning about criminals entering the United States illegally via our border with Mexico? At one level are the drug cartels and the human traffickers, which present an imminent danger to southern Arizonans. One or two or a hundred slip through the first line of security, and meet the wrong person at the wrong time and place, and you get situations like Border Patrol agent Brian Terry's death, Jaime Zapata's death (in Mexico), rancher Robert Krenz' death, and yes, BP agent Nick Ivie's death (the sensors were tripped by the druggies).

As bad as these examples are, there is another level of risk that includes terrorists, be they Muslim or otherwise, who potentially could slip across the border in small numbers, disguised simply as "undocumented immigrants". These are the poor downtrodden people who simply have to squeal "I am a Dreamer!" and they cannot be held or deported.  Recall last month Mexico arrested 3 Hezbollah extremists in Mexico City?  Why were they there?

Now, hold that thought for a moment.

It is interesting what you can find perusing government agency web sites.  Most documents and reports are pretty bland, but once in a while you come across something that just reaches out and grabs you.  I found myself recently reading the report from the investigation of the July 2012 security breach at Oak Ridge Lab site called Y-12.  You may remember this.  Three apparently vintage 1960s hippies and anti-nuke protesters (including a nun) cut through several fences and and actually got to the building that holds a good deal of our weapons-grade highly enriched uranium.  They were "captured" when they walked up to a security patrol vehicle to surrender.   Layer after layer of hi-tech and low-tech security measures were either ignored by security personnel or were not working.

As it turns out, that's not the first time Y-12 has had security problems.  A 2005 report of a security breach at the Y-12 highly enriched uranium facility found that 16 undocumented construction workers were mistakenly allowed access to sensitive data and the facility itself.

 Can you see the perfect storm brewing here? 

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