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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama, Grijalva, and Anti-Colonialism

Dinesh D'Souza made the currently running film documentary, "2016".  I have not seen it yet.  I am, however, reading the book he wrote upon which the film is based ("Obama's America").  In it he explores Barack Obama's roots and personal history in an attempt to better understand the president's ideology.  He makes a compelling case that Obama operates from what he calls an "anti-colonial" mindset.

In a nutshell, anti-colonialism is the worldview that blames colonizing countries such as Britain and France (over the past few centuries) for enriching themselves at the expense of their colonies, by depleting their wealth and goods.  Now that these old colonies have gained independence, they believe that Europeans and (by virtue of our standard of living and world presence) Americans, owe them. 

Accordingly, Barack Obama, identifying with his Kenyan father, according to D'Souza, has adopted an anti-colonial agenda which aims to degrade America's strength and wealth down to third world status, and through wealth distribution, raise the status of third world countries as payback.

That's how Obama, for example, can be staunchly opposed to the Keystone pipeline and offshore drilling here in America, yet give billions to Brazil for offshore drilling.  And Mexico, and Venezuela.  It's why he bows to foreign leaders and apologizes for America "dictating to other countries".  By viewing Obama's actions as datapoints, they fit the anti-colonialism model very well.

While musing on this, it struck me like a bolt out of the blue, that anti-colonialism fits Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva's actions very very well also.  He called for economic punishment of his own "colonialist" state (lookup "Aztlan") - as retribution for enforcing the existing law that aliens who are here illegally should be deported.  He recently confirmed that he would gladly do it again.

He cares more for illegal non-citizen aliens than he does for American citizens.  He does nothing to develop jobs in his district (in fact he actively fights their development) while advocating amnesty for "dreamers".  It explains why he doesn't want the Border Patrol within 100 miles of the border.  It's why he opposes business and industrial development that would create prosperity here in America.  It's why he wants the UN to oversee gun control.

Grijalva wants to decimate America so that his third world Chicanas/Chicanos can bring about "self-determination for the Liberation of Aztlán (from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego) ... to dedicate oneself to building a Chicana/Chicano Nation..." (quote from the philosophy page of the national MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán) organization).

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