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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saucedo Mercer Wins AZ CD-3 Debate With Grace and Dignity.

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer won tonight's debate against incumbent Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva and his little shill, Blanco (what was it?  oh yes) Guerra.  The little shrew who raged at Saucedo Mercer and called her "stupid" because of her Hispanic accent at the last forum.  (She was better behaved tonight since this was being taped for rebroadcast on Arizona Public Media - see below).

Saucedo Mercer spoke to the issues raised - the need for border security as a national security problem, the critical need to get government regulation out of the way so that it doesn't take 18 months to open a taco stand, and to expedite the opening up of the Rosemont Copper Mine that will bring in some 1200 jobs directly and indirectly.  Pointing out that the true unemployment rate in Yuma was actually 32% instead of the 28% originally thought, Gabby hammered continuously on the need for job creation through the enticement for businesses to see southern Arizona as a business-friendly environment. 

In response to the jobs problem, Grijalva (and Guerra)'s responses rang hollow as they spoke of increasing imports of produce from Mexico and increasing tourism and "eco-tourism", none of which create any jobs here in southern Arizona.  As Saucedo Mercer jabbed away with facts and statements on the issues, Grijalva reverted to spewing the liberal themes:  she's creating hysteria, she's supporting big corporations siphoning money out of Arizona, etc. etc. etc. 

The high point of the night, in my opinion, came during comments about national security and Afghanistan when Saucedo Mercer pointed out that Grijalva was one of 3 congressmen who signed a letter authorizing Code Pink to travel to Afghanistan, go behind enemy lines, and give aid and support to the enemy.  She concluded that that makes Grijalva a traitor, which brought tremendous applause.  Grijalva's comeback was to begin whining about rich and powerful corporate  - but he was cut off by the howls from the audience who saw clearly through this old liberal misdirection.  He ended up by cautioning that we should be careful using such language.  In her rebuttal, to loud applause again, Saucedo Mercer asked a simple question, "What else would you call it?"

In the end, Gabby had scored a lot of points with the audience, while Grijalva's support appeared to ebb away.  Guerra was a no-show, except when she was nodding her support for Grijalva. 

An edited version of tonight's forum will be aired tomorrow night on "Arizona Illustrated" program on Tucson's PBS station, KUAT channel 6.  The full forum is available on their web site, AZPM.org.

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  1. Anyone who posts degrading comments, especially the cowards who do so anonymously will have their comments removed. I've already had to do this. However, I am tempted to leave them as great examples of liberal tolerance, and respect for diversity.

  2. I totally agree with Gabriela. I am a senior citizen, who watched Grijalva and the Democrat Political Machine rob Medicare to the tune of 714 billion dollars. While Obama characterized this as trimming fat, what they actually did was to cut the already ridiculously low payments to doctors and hospitals even further to the point that many are leaving senior citizen's health care and no longer participating in Medicare.

    1. Yes, my 80 year old mom has seen that also. It's a terrible way to treat the generation that has done so much for America! Thanks for stopping by!


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