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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CIA Case Officers Attacked by 14 Mexican Federal Police

The event took place on August 24, and the 14 Mexican federal police officers who took part are now being charged.

Read the full story at Drugs, Guns and Politics in Mexico:

"The two CIA Case Officers were wounded in the incident by spawl and bullet proof glass flaking as bullets repeatedly struck it.According to La Jornada, The PGR charged that the 14 Mexican police agents "tried to take the lives" of the three men in the embassy vehicle." [emphasis mine]

Hmmm.  Haven't seen much of this in the MSM.  Nor any outrage from anyone in D.C.

How much longer can we expect good people to stick their necks out while Washington refuses to back them up?

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  1. In the old days there would have been 14 dead Mexicans.

  2. Ah, the good old days. Before Obama, before political correctness, when men were men and women were women. Not so anymore.


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