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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sex, Lies, and AUO

I'll finish the Executive Order series next, but first, I need to give you an update about the Border Patrol.

It's an age-old story.  Make bricks without straw and don't you dare lower your output.  Small men (and women) torture and belittle those under them so that they can delude themselves into the fantasy of pretending to be people of consequence.  Mistreating the little people, holding information over their heads like a piece of yarn over a cat.

Such seems to be the lot of the frontline Border Patrol agent these days.  Good people have died and been wounded because of Fast and Furious, but any accountability for those responsible has been lost amidst follow-on scandals and other pressing issues.  Nick Ivie died because drug smugglers were trafficking drugs, regardless of how he died...a fact which seems to be lost on everyone.  Ho-hum.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, the bigwigs are playing doctor, the good old boys are giving themselves golden parachutes while toying with financial uncertainty in the future of the worker bees.  Read on.

What's AUO?  Well, imagine this:  The good guys are chasing the bad guys and are getting close to catching them, when the whistle sounds signaling that it's quitting time.  I'd like to see the good guys keep going and catch the bad guys and get paid for their perseverence.  That extra time is called Administratively Unavoidable Overtime, AUO, and it's worth a lot to an agent with a spouse and two young kids, like potentially 32% of his or her pay, as I understand it.

But at the same time, while the good old boys are sitting in their offices sipping coffee and figuring out ways to give themselves golden parachutes and early retirement, they're also cutting back on AUO, while saying that they're only "monitoring" it...

You can read about what's happening and how it's going down among those worker bees at www.local2544.org.

Given these conditions, why would anyone continue to serve in the Border Patrol?  Maybe some feel extorted into staying on, having no other place they can go, or maybe there's a deeper sense of mission borne of patriotism, or both, and more.  Next time you see an agent though, thank him or her.  And let the people in Washington know what you think about all this.

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  1. Thank you for this article.

    1. You are welcome! I hope things get on the right track. Making an assumption here, thanks for your service and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. It's called the peter principle for a reason.

    1. Because the higher they are promoted, the more they act like a peter? Have a great Thanksgiving, Odie!


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