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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sean Arce, Mexican American Studies Director and "Maestro of Authentic Caring" Arrested for Domestic Violence Assault, Damage and Trespassing

From  Arizona Daily Independent, via Morning in Arizona.

Sean Arce, former director of the Mexican American Studies program (formerly known as "Raza Studies") in the Tucson Unified School District, who continues to raise funds and push for the reinstatement of MAS, was arrested last month on charges of domestic violence.  His claims of having created "Barrio Pedagogy," and that he is hailed by friends as a "maestro of authentic caring", create a sharp dissonance, as Arce was arrested and booked for Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Damage, and Domestic Violence Trespassing after a series of incidents on one night last month.  The full story is worth reading and can be found here.  It involves his ex-wife getting a hyperextended elbow, some broken window glass, blood, and the police arresting him at the Starr Pass Marriott Resort and Spa where he was staying (at a minimum of $200/night).  Arce soon found himself being processed into the not-so-swanky confines of the Pima County Jail.

[BACKGROUND: MAS was group of courses taught specifically to Hispanic/Latino children along a curriculum aligned with La Raza, MEChA, and their concerted effort to reclaim "Aztlan" ("The Race's" homeland that happens to be the southwest U.S./North America/all of N and S America depending on who you're talking with). The TUSD students were being taught that they were oppressed by white men, that they could be part of a great revolution to take back control and independence over Aztlan, and that any Hispanic or Latino was not a Machismo because they are "vendidos" or traitors, fitting in with the white man's society. Other Conservative Observer AZ blog postings are Here, here, here, here and here, for starters.]

While the guilt or innocence of Sean Arce relative to domestic violence will be determined in a court of law, his lack of integrity falls squarely in line with how those within and those supporting TUSD's MAS operate.  Tucsonans United for Sound Districts (TU4SD.com), a non-partison group of parents, educators and community members with a vested interest in educating Tucson's youth put it this way: 
"...the use of a wasteful curriculum that is abhorrent to the overwhelming majority of American voters, mob actions by extremist groups in defense of their programs of indoctrination, the silencing through terror of anyone who opposes the extremists, the alliance of these extremists with overtly anti-American groups, and the misuse of public funds to support junkets and other perks for public employees."

In January 2012, the State of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal banned TUSD's MAS based on the ruling of an Arizona administrative judge, who found that the program violated Arizona's constitution.  Specifically, the program was aimed at a single ethnic group, was divisive and racially incendiary.

MAS was still being pushed at TUSD board meetings as recently as November 27th, 2012.  MAS specifically was not on the agenda, but public commentary about MAS dominated the meeting, including a statement from Arizona CD-3 über-progressive congressidiot, Raul "boycott Arizona" Grijalva:
"A representative from U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva's office read a comment prepared by the congressman, who supported the classes and cited a recent study that showed a link between them and improved student achievement. "These successes, which would have been impossible without the MAS curriculum, can and should be repeated," he said."

Yet, from TU4SD.com:
"Mexican American students attending TUSD schools graduate at an 83% rate regardless of whether they have taken none of these classes, one of them or a half dozen of them. Proponents of MAS classes used to claim that 97% of students in the program graduated until TUSD’s own numbers blew that claim out of the water. Proponents used to claim that MAS students scored better on Arizona’s AIMS test until the tests results shared by TUSD proved that students who have never taken a single MAS class scored slightly better on the AIMS test than students who took these classes. These classes are wasteful because the fear of indoctrination has caused thousands of students who live within TUSD’s boundaries to leave the district for neighboring districts, charter schools and private schools. This has cost the district millions of dollars a year in lost state revenue and has resulted in a district that is more segregated now than it ever was."

Arce's next court action will be a pretrial hearing in Tucson City Court on Monday, Jan. 8.

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