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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(Warning! Velcro Rant) Napolitano: Immigrant Criminals Get Favor Over Their American Victims

Via Breitbart, from The Boston Globe.

[And the left wonders why conservatives are so angry and regard liberals as sh**heads...]

Security-minded Janet Napolitano keeps Americans in the dark - even crime victims - when she turns loose criminal non-citizen immigrants back into our society (after serving their time).

The reason they are turned loose here? Because their country of origin won't take them back.
The reason she won't identify them? Because the criminal immigrants' right to privacy outweighs the public's interest [read: safety] in knowing their identities.
About how many people are we talking about here?  Since 2008, 8,500!

Says the Globe: "But a senior Obama administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak for the agency, said the department releases more detailed information on a case by case basis when there is a significant public interest."

Really?  Who the hell gets to decide that?  Big Brother government, that's who.

Globe continues, citing the anonymous Señor official:  "...the administration has made significant strides in making the massive immigration system more open to public scrutiny, such as posting online the names of immigrants who die in immigration custody and providing a searchable database so relatives can find detainees."

That's sort of one-sided, isn't it... open to public scrutiny when it benefits the liberal narrative.  WHAT THE F*** ABOUT THE REST OF US AMERICANS, A$$HOLE?

"But the Globe contends release of the information is a matter of public safety."
No sh**, Sherlock!  Where were you when Fast and Furious was stonewalled?  Where were you when Benghazi was covered up?  Why aren't you checking out all of these Executive Orders that are quietly being issued?

But I digress.  "The government has not notified most crime victims of the release, and many released immigrants have gone on to commit new crimes, such as a criminal from Bangladesh who murdered an elderly woman in New York state last year, just weeks after immigration officials released him." 

Obama has called for all federal agencies to be more open about sharing information, saying that “in the face of doubt, openness prevails.” 

Yeah, right. 

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