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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Great Moments in Higher Education #1 - Nation's First Hip-Hop Minor

With this post I introduce a series of occasional posts which, to my dismay, will likely be unending... 

GREAT MOMENTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION!  [2 person applause]  Brought to you as a public service in transparency, so you know what your tax dollars are being wasted on!  We start with this, from my staid, dignified alma mater, the University of Arizona:


[cue "Pomp and Circumstance"]

"Introducing Nation’s First Hip-Hop Minor

"Do you think of hip-hop as just catchy dance music with some rap thrown in for good measure? A new concentration in hip-hop studies in the UA’s Africana Studies program — the first hip-hop minor in the United States — challenges students to explore hip-hop as a worldwide phenomenon through which people explore identities, claim territories, protest injustice and change their worlds...

"According to Professor Tani Sanchez, hip-hop is a complex and sometimes paradoxical phenomenon, but the point of studying culture is not to judge it, but to understand what it tells us about history and society."

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  1. I tried to enroll in a White Country Western class and they told me it was unavailable. I truly feel discriminated against.

  2. Odie, I think you have to go on a rampage of some kind, demand your rights, yell about how you're a victim, etc. That seems to be what gains sympathy and understanding.

  3. But your cause has to be recognized by the MSM.


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