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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hollywood's Influence On Misperceptions About Guns and Violence

There is an excellent, rather lengthy, but thorough and well-written post titled, A Few Thoughts On Gun Control at a blog called Eudaimonia.  The author cites many good, credible sources of information to make his assertions.  It is well worth the time it takes to read it.

One of the points the author makes is that very very few shootings are actually done with assault weapons and large capacity magazines.  So the question popped up in my head, why is this myth about assault weapons so widespread?  When you hear or think about the theater shooting in Aurora or Sandy Hook, or elsewhere... what is the visual image that you have in your head as you picture these incidents? 

The guy in Aurora looks just like Judge Dredd in my mind.  The Columbine guys conjure up that scene from The Matrix where Keanu Reeves and Wynona Ryder invade the big building to rescue Lawrence Fishburn, or something from Boondock Saints or any of a thousand other movies*. 

So where do those visual images come from that are so far from the truth? 


Yes, these same hypocrites who fawn all over Barack Obama ("Our lord and savior Barack Obama"), who are so adamant about gun control, they are the ones lying about gun violence (and making millions to boot!).

Unfortunately I suspect very few lefties, if any, would give Eudaimonia's post the time of day.  That's because I have not seen or met very many who are willing to have a cogent, intellectual discussion about gun control.  Instead, they usually make arguments that are emotionally based. 

I have slightly more hope - if you can call it that - of truth dawning on a liberal than I do that Barack Obama will give up his anti-colonial, socialist/communist goals.

*(I purposefully use the actors' names to make the point that they are accountable. And yes, I have seen these movies, not because I picked them for their violence, but because others I was with chose to see them. No, its really not a copout, but you can think what you want).

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  1. The elite have their armed bodyguards and to hell with you.

    1. Yep. Gonna be a big hoorah if he tries to get rid of ours.


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