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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Liberal Hypocrisy from the Entertainment World

I recently read where a 6-year-old kid got suspended from school for making the gesture in the image below.  He didn't sing about it or draw blood on anything.  A 6-year-old!

Then, while looking up the lyrics for an earlier post (An Old Song for a New Time), I saw this banner across the top advertising a new CD.  I use this as merely an example of the f*ing liberal hypocrisy for straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel.  I have no idea who the band is or anything else about them, but below the banner are 3 "rave reviews" by cerebrally-disengaged young people. 


Customer Reviews
Amazing! [5 stars]
Such a fun and uplifting record! I love run run, control and believe!
<3 [5 stars]
Love Love Love
Playlist Of The Summer! [5 stars]
This sunshine, Cali vibe is so infectious. I have this on repeat! If you like the EP, you'll love their [deleted] mixtape; it's just as dope & it's free.99

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