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Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama's Drunken Vomit Proclamation - Religious Freedom Day!

An interesting item lost in the hubbub of this week's gun control announcements, like a 6:00pm Friday press release.

By Presidential proclamation: [emphasis mine]
"...As we observe Religious Freedom Day, let us remember the legacy of faith and independence we have inherited, and let us honor it by forever upholding our right to exercise our beliefs free from prejudice or persecution."
..."And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion..."  -- Sen. Barack Obama, April, 2008 (ABCNews.com). 
CONTEXT:  Condescending remark made at a fundraiser, speaking about midwestern U.S. unemployed people who have been told through multiple administrations that things will get better for them.

So miserable people, down on their luck, looking for hope, turn to "guns and religion"?  1) as if these are bad things anyway? and 2) as if these people are deluded or psychotic for turning to religion?

And then he's got the nerve to hurl up this proclamation like a drunk who is unaware that he's vomited all over himself!

... and you've done, what, for those people, Barry?

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