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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Does Anybody Need An AR-15? WRONG QUESTION!!

All of the peanut-brained liberals are running around wringing their hands and yelling things like, "why does anyone need an AR-15?  Waah!  waah!  waah!"

Why does someone need a Cadillac when a VW bug will do just as well?
Why do you need a porterhouse steak when a well-made cheeseburger will also taste good?
Why do you need a shot of Petron when you can have a beer?

Because I can, dammit!

Because that's what freedom is all about!  The Constitution is NOT restrictive, it is PERMISSIVE! 

Permissive means this. Free people can do whatever they want with only the minimal amount of restrictions necessary for all of us to live in harmony. As opposed to, you cannot do anything unless the Authority says it's ok. That's restrictive, and that's NOT the way the Founding Fathers created our freedom blueprint document, the Constitution.

My owning an AR-15 does NOTHING to trample your rights.  Taking it away is NOT crime prevention because criminals already flout the law and will use weapons anyway (usually NOT rifles or what you think are assault weapons, however).

And the reason the Constitution keeps the population armed is to deter exactly what Obama appears to be trying...

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  1. They will never understand. Is that lib down the street going to protect you if a bad guy tries to break into your home. I think not, so I wish to be armed to the teeth, and have at least what the bad guy is carrying.

    1. And the bad guy will be carrying regardless of what laws are passed. So the innocent are punished before the guilty even commit the crime.


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