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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amusing WH Web Site Background Photo

If you go to the White House web site, this photo is the background on the main page.  I am greatly amused by the filename the White House gave it:


That guy in the White House sure is great fodder for jokes!  Think along the lines of, "The Secret Life of Barack Mitty"...
They call him the 'hero template', because every man wants to be like him.  There he is, standing in front of the giant screw for the newest, secret submarine, surrounded by admiring throngs yearning with arms unconsciously outstretched, reaching - if only! - but for a single pearl of his wisdom.
As he lets his gaze wander over the crowd, little do they know, he thinks to himself, that I am also...SEQUESTER 6!  He can't help the faint smile that creeps across his face.  Yes, I enjoy playing the role of a meek, mild President, but the REAL business is being the Homeland anchor for Squeal Team 6, the brains of the outfit, the...
..."BARRY!  Get your multicultural ass out of that chair and get dressed!  We have to be at that grade school for your press conference announcing my new Cardboard and Kashi school lunch program!  Hurry up foo'!" 

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  1. This is what happens when your advisers come from Hollyweird.


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