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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Malignancy of Tucson Unified School District's Defunct Mexican-American Studies Program

Great example of how liberals like to work.  See my 3 conclusions at the bottom.

[BACKGROUND: MAS was group of courses taught specifically to Hispanic/Latino children along a curriculum aligned with La Raza, MEChA, and their concerted effort to reclaim "Aztlan" ("The Race's" homeland that happens to be the southwest U.S./North America/all of N and S America depending on who you're talking with). The TUSD students were being taught that they were oppressed by white men, that they could be part of a great revolution to take back control and independence over Aztlan, and that any Hispanic or Latino was not a Machismo because they are "vendidos" or traitors, fitting in with the white man's society. Other Conservative Observer AZ blog postings are Here, here, here, here and here, for starters.]
When MAS was ended by TUSD

From the 2/14/2013 Arizona Daily ("Red") Star: "Former TUSD teacher's Mexican American Studies suit dismissed":

"John Ward filed the defamation lawsuit in 2011, claiming false statements made by the then-director of Mexican American Studies Sean Arce and curriculum specialist Jose Gonzalez damaged his reputation as an educator."

TUSD school board meeting when MAS was ended.
"The lawsuit dates to 2002, when Ward was assigned to teach a U.S. history class from a Mexican American perspective. According to Ward, during the first week of school, Augustine Romero, then the director of Mexican American Studies, and Arce, a program specialist who later took over the program, informed him that they would lead instruction but that Ward would assign the grades.
As the teacher of record, Ward was determined to be involved in the instruction and contended Romero and Arce were "not teaching American history but rather were proselytizing a political point of view to the students."

"He claimed to have heard racist comments, denial of American sovereignty in the Southwest United States, advocacy for illegal immigration and impugning of police officers and Anglo teachers as racists."

[More on Sean Arce's recent legal troubles here.]

So, how do Liberals like to work?
  1. Try to indoctrinate young minds.  Truth is to be avoided and replaced with emotionally provocative rhetoric.
  2. Play really really dirty if you are challenged.  Truth is to be avoided and replaced with emotionally attacking rhetoric.
  3. Get a newspaper to say that the suit was "dismissed", thereby implying that it had no merit and an out of court settlement was not reached.  Truth is to be avoided and replaced with emotionally soothing rhetoric.
Why bring this up if it MAS has been ended? TUSD has been ordered to reinstate "cultural studies". Stay tuned...

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