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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barack Obama: Hell Bent on Destroying America

America is in deep economic trouble.  I personally believe that... well, that's another post.  So what's the plan to rescue the country?  Let's contrast two approaches. 

"We're introducing a budget that balances in 10 years -- without raising taxes," Ryan said in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. "How do we do it? We stop spending money the government doesn't have."

The plan would achieve $4.6 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. It also aims to simplify the tax code, consolidating the seven income-tax brackets into two, with a top rate of 25 percent.

Sounds reasonable at first glance.  How is this received?
In a WH statement Obama complains that the plan does not include tax increases for top earners and said the president believes it is the "wrong course for America." 

Because it doesn't include tax increases on the wealthy?  That's why it's the wrong course?  REALLY???

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats release their first budget in four years, which includes $1-Trillion dollars in tax increases.

Dereliction of duty, and then crap dumped on working Americans. It's the liberal way.

Democrats preemptively panned Ryan's spending plan [so they attack Ryan's plan sight unseen], with House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., saying it relies on "spurious budget trickery."  [a brilliant piece of analysis, this from the man who called Americans voicing their opinions on Obamacare "un-American"].

"The president has always believed that deficit reduction is not a goal unto itself," Carney said. "The proposals he's put forward keep the No. 1 objective in mind, which is economic growth and job creation, not deficit reduction solely for the purpose of reducing the deficit."

Obama:  Let's run up the debt and tax America out of existence.




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  1. It's actually even worse than that.. Turns out it includes 1.5 trillion in tax hikes! Yes, Obama is hell bent on destroying America. There's simply no other conclusion one can come to when analyzing his decisions in every area. (sigh)
    I'm in Phx & followed a link over. Glad I found the blog. I added you to my reader & am sure to send folks this way from the twittersphere in the coming months.
    Take care!
    (here's that article about the 1.5 trillion)..

  2. It's very simple. What we have here is Capitalism versus Communism.

    1. It really is appalling that Obama can be a bully with such impunity, protected by the Reids and Pelosis and of course, the media.

  3. I'll bet you won't publish the previous comment from "anonymous", just because you disagree with it's content! But it's okay for YOU to disbar ME of my basic freedom of expression?

    1. Yes, it IS ok for me to "disbar" you because this is my blog, not yours. To exercise your freedom of expression, go write your own blog.

      Right now I'm weighing publishing your previous comment because I might give you a line-by-line response. But I haven't decided yet. Check back soon.

  4. @anonymous:

    This is a right we bloggers reserve. Most who post under anonymous are cowards or are you that stinking paranoid, or so stupid you cannot come up with a name of some sort? You are whining about Velcro managing HIS blog? For real? Let us call the WHAMbulance for you. What a panty waste, candy assed cry baby. You sound like some cry baby muslim or minority who gets butt hurt every time he or she looks in a mirror.

    Take no prisoners, Velcro and I am glad you tore this clown a new one and snipped up his comment.


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