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Monday, March 25, 2013

University of Arizona "Swatted"

The University of Arizona was "swatted" Friday afternoon.

TUCSON - Just as most of the staff in the University of Arizona's administration building were preparing to leave work last Friday, the Tucson Police Department's TDD 911 operator received text message information from an unknown person that a man with a rifle strapped to his chest had entered the administration building and was shooting people.  The TPD operator contacted UAPD's dispatch and relayed information verbally throughout the investigation.

UAPD had two officers in the area, who reported that they had seen nothing nor heard shots fired.  Erring on the side of caution UAPD and TPD coordinated a SWAT response, evacuating the building once ground level was secured, and conducted a floor by floor, room by room search.  Two nearby buildings were evacuated and shut down as precautionary measures. 

The source of the information provided "new" threat information on several occasions, including the presence of explosives.  Bomb sniffing dogs were brought in and no explosives were found.  Throughout the incident the UA kept the campus community updated through its "UAlert" system, which text messages emergency information to students, staff and faculty.

"All clear" was finally announced sometime after 8:00pm Tucson time.  The identity of the texter is unknown at the current time, however, the investigation is ongoing.

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