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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A New Look

Speculation, Part II will have to wait for a bit.  Yes, I really do have something in the pipeline for it, but on second glance it's something I've said before in other ways.

But, it's been a busy time, and in spite of that I felt that a change was needed to the look.  Hopefully it will be easier to read (not that I've gotten any complaints - maybe I'm just getting old). 

I know that in some of the old posts I've used colors that will not show up well with this new palette, but I really don't feel up to going back and re-editing.  Sorry...

Some good material coming up, but it's not directly "actionable", and the times seem to call for action.  America and what she represents are being threatened all around, and most dangerously, from within.  I never imagined we'd be here.  But that's part of the problem, in a variety of ways.  Getting ahead of myself though...

Stay tuned and please feel free to comment on the new look, good or bad.


  1. It's gorgeous. I will never miss that awful green. It's OK to say it now that it's gone ... right?


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