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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gun Control and Mental Illness: Speculation, Part I

For me, the necessary and sufficient factor against gun control is that gun ownership is fundamentally part of the protection against tyranny built into our Constitution.  'Nuf said. 

But let me dabble in a thought experiment beyond the 2nd Amendment.  What would happen if we tried to screen for the criminally insane?

My thesis:  Mental illness cannot be consistently screened for.  Let's say we have 100 people who all of us unanimously would agree should not have a gun.  We would lock them up for the night and go celebrate just because we agreed on something.

The next morning, we run the applicants through a battery of tests: MMPI-II, Millon, SASSI,
Barack Obama using human suffering to support his agenda.
whatever.  Most of these tests compare an individual's answers against a "normed" standard decided by the average of hundreds or thousands of other peoples' answers.  Most of those norming groups were selected by some kind of system that knowingly or unknowingly included the test designer's biases, so the comparison of applicant answers to the normed answers is already flawed.

Besides being prohibitively expensive, the tests' built-in biases and wide ranges of "normal" answers to some questions blur the picture they provide of the applicant.  It's not obvious in most cases whether a person will be a high risk with a gun or not.  But let's pretend that this battery of tests weeds out 20%.

 Now suppose that someone comes up with a really good test.  What then?  Well, the next problem is that there are people with mental illnesses who are really good at faking good answers.  They can often figure out the rubric intuitively and come up with "fake-good" answers.  These throw the value of the test out the window for these people.  But let's pretend that this test is still very effective at weeding out 50% of applicants who shouldn't have a gun. 

So now we're down to 30%, who are the most difficult 30% of the original group to detect problems with.  But now we're going to look at past behavior, and also give them a polygraph.  (Past behavior is really the core of a background check, so waiting until this late in the screening process is not how it really would work.  It would probably be one of the first screens used.) 

How the Facts Break Down.
For adults over 21, most of the 30% will have already shown some kind of bad behavior.  Maybe not lawbreakers with a record, so we'll get feedback from schoolteachers, parents, and others to sift out who the problem people are.  And we run them through the polygraph.  This is probably the level of screen used to determine if someone can be trusted with a top secret security clearance.  This maybe eliminates 27% of the original 100 applicants, leaving only 3.

Having escaped the screening process, the 3 individuals buy guns.  They may do ok for years and then "pop", they may "pop" right away, or they may never "pop".  Maybe 2 of them "pop" and do themselves in.  There is still one.


The liberal answer is to eliminate guns.  If house-to-house searches were the most effective method, we might be successful at keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable.  But do you really think going house to house confiscating guns would get rid of ALL guns?  No way it would!!! 

Do you really think that criminals who support themselves and whatever habits they have by stealing are going to willingly give up their guns, especially if all of the law abiding citizens no longer have them?  No!  In spite of cameras, alarms and bulletproof glass we still have bank robberies!  And let's not lose sight of the fact that many criminals are mentally ill.

Guns will still be present:
  • On a thriving black market
  • By those smuggling people/drugs
  • By gangs
Knowing that the populace is not armed, bad people will get bolder.  Society will be less safe.
  • More armed robberies
  • More armed assaults
  • More murders
  • Just like Chicago
Gun Control Doesn't Work!
The Aftermath:  Speculation, Part II   

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  1. Great points, but the real danger here is Who's doing the screening, Diane Feinstein, Barack Obama, Joe Biden ....

    1. Presumably some psychologist type would be doing the scoring/interpretation, but yes, where the cutoffs are would be determined by executive fiat...

      Jie Biden... the thought is both funny and scary!

  2. Excellent article Velcro.

    One thing that cannot be overlooked is most mental 'health' professionals are bleeding heart liberals. Woodsterman's comment is not too far off the mark in whom might be doing the testing. And one other thing is that these screening tests are skewed and set up, full of trick questions designed to catch people who are not even close to being mentally ill but may have other issues which are non factors when it comes to these tests functioning are they are supposed to.

    There is no method, technique of gun control that will ever work and this have been proven time after time. Yet the progressive libtarded statists will never stop trying to take way our guns. That is what they want to do and no matter how they lie about this or spin it, they want, zero guns in this country. One only has to look how well gun control, gun free zones etc. have failed no matter where they forced upon the citizens of just about any country. Take a look at England, Australia, the European continent as to how well gun control works and how poorly LEO get to a crime scene in time to prevent a tragedy from happening. England and Australia are witnessing a huge increase in violent crimes now that guns have been removed from the citizens hands. None of us should be fooled or lulled into a false sense of safety by the forked tongues of traitors like Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Reid, Clinton and now you can add the 16 RINO traitors to this list who stabbed us in the back by supporting the what happened in the Senate this past Tuesday.

  3. Very little if anything in the current gun control bill in the senate would do anything except put more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. Personally I hope nothing passes. I really can't see any bill getting through the House.


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