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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gun Control - The Legal Side of the Battle

The battle for the 2nd Amendment is raging right now.  I'm so angry that I could spit.  But spitting's not much to assuage my emotions... who the hell came up with that anyway?  I'm angry, and when I'm angry I don't articulate my thoughts very well and this keyboard isn't help[ing a bit! 

But I came across an article... a scholarly article... a scholarly article BY A LAWYER, of all things, that speaks articulately to so much of what's going through my head.  The article begins,

"This essay seeks to reclaim a serious argument from the lunatic fringe."
Before you click away from my blog with that line, consider where the MSM puts us conservatives... in the lunatic fringe, right?  Follow me?  Well, here's some more:
"...Still less have [contemporary scholars] asked whether a society's weapons policy might be one of the institutional arrangements that contributes to the probability of its government engaging in some of the more extreme varieties of outrage." 
"Few if any of those who are hostile to the institution of an armed civilian populace considered the possibility that our government... could ever degenerate into the sort of pitiless totalitarian instrument that has, at one time or another, afflicted most of the peoples of the Old and Third Worlds." 
"In our view, the failure to acknowledge the prospect of rogue government represents a serious failure of imagination.  Trusting in the free press and the right to petition government to redress grievances, firearms abolitionists do not envision a world in which satanic rather than benevolent bureaucrats possess the effective monopoly of the means of force."  (all emphases mine)
These words were written in 1997, way before the then-left leaning "free press" dropped into the abyss of fawning orgasmic worship of The One and became His mouthpiece. 

No more a free press to help check government.  Thus, we are in more danger than before.

The article gets better, and I will put up more from it.  These words were penned by Daniel D. Polsby, currently the dean of the law college at George Mason University.
Source:  Polsby, Daniel D. &Kates, Don B.  (1997) "Of Holocausts And Gun Control", in Washington University Law Quarterly, 75 Wash. U. L. Q. 1237.


  1. Our biggest danger are the sheeples and the Obamazombies who willingly allow THEIR government to strip them of their freedoms.

    1. They're both irresponsible and dangerous!


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