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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gun Control Replies

Patricia Maisch:  What you went through was terrible, but... NO! shame on YOU!  Shame on you for trying to infringe upon the rights of the rest of us, when Jared Loughner would not have been stopped by this legislation because he passed a background check.

Mark Kelly:  NO! it wasn't the gun lobby, it was WE THE PEOPLE!  (and quit exploiting your wife's victimhood!).

Barack Obama:  NO! everybody DIDN'T agree with you!  Today wasn't a shameful day, what is shameful is you and liberals trying to tear up the Constitution.


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  1. Knock, knock ... "We're here to take your weapons by order of YOUR representative government in Washington."

    1. I know a couple of senators from AZ who won't be returning after the next elections.

  2. AMEN to what you said above Velcro!! We The People DO NOT AGREE WITH OBAMA!! (Yes, I'm shouting, but not at you but at the Gooberment). And for goodness sake, PLEASE get that worthless POS John McCain OUT of office!!! Thank you.
    Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly

    1. We'll do what we can, Sparky. Thanks for stopping by!


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