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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Local 2544: Furlough and AUO Decertification on Hold

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This from Local 2544 today:
"A memo is coming out today notifying everyone that the furlough days and AUO decert is being placed on hold until the agency can figure out how to fix their budget mess with the new funding that was recently approved by Congress... On the same day that David Aguilar is no longer with us we get some good news on border security and the delay in pay cuts."
A small victory in a skirmish - perhaps temporary - but the war continues.  Conservative Observer AZ is firmly convinced that public pressure that focuses on the U.S. Border Patrol can accomplish good things.
  1. Public support for the Border Patrol can help boost the morale of those whose dedication to protect their country in spite of the Federal government keeps them driving hours to their station day after day, for a job for which they receive little thanks.
  2. It holds the Federal government accountable for upholding the rule of law.
  3. Keeping the Border Patrol in the center of attention helps keep the realities of the invasion from the south side-by-side in stark contrast to the ivory tower dreamers in Washington.  This occurs two ways: 
  4. One is by highlighting the high level of danger along the border that occasionally leads to loss of life - on all sides. 
  5. The second is drawing attention to the large quantity of drugs that cross the border, paving the way for increasing drug cartel influence in the United States. 
  6. Finally, public support for the U.S. Border Patrol can help put them in the proper light:  They save lives by rescuing abandoned men, women, and children in the searing desert.  The Border Patrol is not the tool of racist policy.


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  1. Some good news indeed and it is the long haul that concerns me.

    I have seen the good works that the BP does and no, it is is NOT racist and these folks who work for the BP are by large heroes in my book. They fly under the radar and the public sometimes does not even know they exist until something bad happens.

    Thanks for the update Velcro!!!!

    1. PatriotUSA - Yes, the long haul is the concern, especially the next 3 years. We're all in this together. Appreciate you stopping by!


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