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Monday, April 8, 2013

Obamanomics: Reply to a Conservative Observer AZ Commenter

A comment (reproduced without deletions below in boldface block quotes) by "Anonymous" was left on my post, "Barack Obama: Hell Bent on Destroying America"; this is my reply (in yellow italics).
"Usual far right paranoia!"  
Which part of the quotes of liberals and other facts in the post are "right paranoia"?  An ironic comment given that historically, paranoia has been the domain of the left going all the way back to the 30s and 40s - evil government tapping phones, spying on citizens, being opaque ... the very same things the right is currently concerned about, but with factual evidence.  My question is, why isn't the left up in arms as they historically have been?  The only reason that comes to my mind and is based on what I see, is that they are too wrapped up in fawning, orgasmic worship of "The First (half) Black President."  (cue Hallelujah Chorus).  But then, I'm sure I'm being racist there, right? 
"What are you conservatives going to say about Obama in 3 years when none of this ACTUALLY does anything to significantly alter the way we live? We're not going to lose our basic freedoms (because of him), he's not going to take all our guns away, and we're not going to be hit by another 9/11 style terrorist attack! I'll bet the ranch that in 2016 he fades quietly into history with the rest of his predecessors!"
If what you say actually comes to pass, I, for one, will say, "Thank God!"  I sincerely hope you are right, Anonymous.  But I and other conservatives see too many red flags (pun intended) and other signs to think that we can afford to be quiet and just wait and see. (explained below).
"Anyone who continues to blame either a democrat or republican president for the downfall of our country..."
The leaders in all 3 branches of the government, with a few exceptions, fall into either democrat or republican philosophies; whoever is in power is de facto responsible.  That's why we elect and pay them.  Responsible here means "problem solver", not necessarily "problem causer".  So if the situation was bad when Obama took power, the question is, has he made things better or worse?  By any measure, the answer is much, much worse.

"...(which is YOUR image of america--not mine)... "
What do you mean, my image of America?  What are you presuming my image of America to be?  And what is yours?

"...doesn't know anything about who or what is really running this country!"

So, in your opinion, who is running the country, if not a democrat or republican?  It certainly doesn't appear to be WE THE PEOPLE anymore, now does it? 

"...There is a BIG difference between a democrat and a Marxist!"

There USED to be a difference between a democrat and a Marxist, but anymore, the line has become very blurred.  You could name a Marxist belief or trait, and I bet I could find it in what Obama has stated somewhere along the way.  And given the generally rabid support from congressmen and senators in his own party - the fawning, orgasmic worship - they have fallen into line with him.  Obama has spoken - been recorded - about how to redistribute wealth:  that's socialism.   With the foundations (the Constitution) that everyone took for granted 50 years ago currently under attack by the President of the United States, concerned people know we cannot afford to wait and watch.
"Get a clue people--You don't know what the hell you're talking about!

You offer no evidence to support this, so I interpret your remark to be the frustrated liberal fallback to emotionalism.  I gave you facts in my original post.  So no, we do know.  I think YOU don't. 

"Why? Because in spite of his Keynesian style economic approach (which I disagree with, too--believe it or not)..."

Here, the comment was truncated, but I believe our commenter was going to say that the economy is picking up.  But it is not because more Americans than ever are out of the workforce (and therefore not counted in the monthly unemployment figures) and the number of unemployed who ARE counted continues to grow.

I imagine at this point that the commenter came to his senses and thought, "Damn, that Velcro is one smart guy; he's right!"  :-)

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  1. Velcro, you're my hero because you can make even the stupid sound simple.

    1. Haha! I'm a simple guy, Odie! But i've also been accused of speaking stupid fluently...

  2. One thing most true conservative bloggers learn how to read, interpret, respond to is stupidity, especially of the libtarded type. I love the way you POLITELY sliced, diced and boiled this yahoo in his. her own comments. And people bash on us for moderating EVERY comment?

    Simple is the best way a person can be. Simple does NOT mean you are dumb etc. To mean it means you have figured out how to handle your affairs, actions, reaction, interactions in a straight forward, fact and researched way(s).

    Nice job Velcro!

    P.S. I may steal this for a Poverty With A View feed on PC. With a link back of course and proper credits.:)

    1. Thanks, and feel free to repost anytime! We're all in this together...

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