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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tucson: A Liberal's Paradise (No Jobs, No Businesses, Poverty, Illegal Aliens, a Pretty Desert)

A new MarketWatch report, "Top Cities for Business Growth 2012," has placed Tucson in the Bottom 10 cities for business growth nationally, according to an article in the Arizona Daily "Red" Star, the local rag that pretends to be a newspaper.  I haven't checked, but that probably means
The Sonoran Desert around Tucson
Tucson is maintaining its position in the pack.  Joining Tucson in the bottom 10 were six California cities, including Stockton and Modesto.  (Stockton:  Bankrupt, ranked one of the most dangerous cities in America, coming in 10th place, 2nd most dangerous in California (just behind Oakland).[4] In 2013, Stockton was ranked as the 3rd most illiterate city in the U.S. with less than 17% of adults holding a college degree.  Great company for Tucson to keep.)

For the uninitiated, here's some context before we press on.
In case you're new to this blog, southern Arizona is teeming with a wretched, long-term infestation of liberal "progressives".  The only reason the Arizona State legislature and government is predominantly Republican is because Phoenix is bigger than Tucson.
You may recall Arizona's famous SB 1070, the law that allowed law enforcement to check for citizenship status during traffic stops for other violations.  It was southern Arizona's still-today congressman Raul Grijalva who announced on national television that the rest of the country should boycott his own state.  Southern Arizona has re-elected this racist traitor twice since then.  That should tell you a little bit about southern Arizona.
A reporter named Gabriela Rico was given the unenviable task of getting opinions on the report and writing an article about Tucson's arctic-like business climate.  Here are parts of what she came up with.
David Plane, a University of Arizona professor of geography and urban development: 
He agrees that Tucson needs to do a better job of recruiting and retaining young professionals, but doesn't believe the city should try to become a corporate Mecca.
"It's a shame that our kids move away," he said. "But a lot of us enjoy Tucson because it's not a slick, corporate place..."
The University of Arizona
Yes, Professor Plane; you've got a nice cushy tenured job at the UA.  You can afford to marvel at the pretty Santa Rita Mountains from your air conditioned ivory tower.  There are thousands of people right under your nose between you and the mountains who are living below poverty level.  (UNS Energy Corp. is the only local company on the NYSE. In 2012, Providence Service Corp. was listed on Nasdaq. A second Nasdaq company is opening in Tucson this year, Accelerate Diagnostics.)
"...We're a funky younger sister." Living in the "urban shadow" of Phoenix impacts Tucson because the "something bigger" is nearby, Plane said, such as Sky Harbor Airport.
Really?  Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix is why Tucson is an anorexic little sister?  Oh, right.  Liberal logic: blame someone else for your problems.  Got it.
"Our economic base has never featured a corporate presence," Plane said. On top of that, the population is mixed with retired and less-educated residents and a high level of poverty, he said. 
Don't you think that maybe it's the other way around, that the population is mixed and less-educated with high level of poverty because there's never been a corporate presence?
"The biggest thing Tucson has going for it is the natural environment," Plane said. "Preserving that amenity is crucial."
Trash from Illegal Aliens
Absolutely.  I'm sure that bringing evil corporations and jobs with higher wages to Tucson will completely destroy the Sonoran Desert from New Mexico to California.  Totally.

Tucson's mayor is hizzoner Jonathan Rothschild (Democrat). 
"We need to be attracting people who want to get out and hike and bike. People who like culture and history," Rothschild said. "Not people who are coming to see the old West."
Hike and bike?  I'm sure that brings in lots of business money, and culture and history are HUGE economy boosters.  But to hell with the old West?  I wonder how the Old Tucson people feel about that...
"We're beginning to create synergy around our trade with Mexico and making Sonora and Southern Arizona an economic region. People are getting it," Rothschild said.
Oooh.  Synergy!  Good business word!  Is our trade with Mexico more than jobs for illegals?  I don't quite get it.  They send us tomatoes and illegal aliens, and that benefits us...how?

Mike Holmes, executive director of Imagine Greater Tucson. 
"We're one of the few truly international cities in the U.S.," Holmes said. "We should absolutely be building on that. 
The environment we've built is not friendly to the young professional generation," he said. "The 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds spent a good chunk of time strapped to the back seat of a minivan. They don't like to drive" and want to ability to walk, bicycle or have modern public transportation.
The city is not yet equipped to accommodate an urban lifestyle and living here requires a car to get around, Holmes said.
 "We're no longer a big town, we're a city," he said. "Our political structure just hasn't caught up to that yet."
Tucson is a black hole of misery because those in power want to keep it that way.  They want Tucson to be a cutesy knick-knack on the shelf of towns in some backwater curio shop.  In June 2012, a University of Arizona report stated that since August 2010, Phoenix had created 69,400 new jobs, while Tucson had created 800.  As long as they stay in power, Tucson's average income will remain below Federal poverty level.

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  1. I'll pack my bike and shorts, and I'll be right over. Tell those moron libs you ain't no Sedona. Or is that even more liberal? It's been 20 years since I've been there.

    1. Good question. I would guess more liberal, since they've been overrun by the vortex and crystal worshippers.

  2. Velcro,

    I was last in Tuscon in the mid 1980's and have fond memories of Sabino Canyon before it was overrun and ruined. Santa Rita's, one of the prettiest set of Mountains in the country. Up there with the San Francisco peaks, God's country for sure.

    Sedona? I was there and all over Nothern Az, Mogollon Rim, White Mtns, and could still find me way around except that most places are not the same, not even close. I lived in Flag for years, graduated from Najojos Are Ugly (NAU) in 1977. I used to 'live' down in East and West Clear creek as often as I could. Go days without seeing another soul. Rattlers were another thing but fishing was worth it. Used to catch 20" browns out of Oak Creek real often.

    Now Flag is ruined, another libtarded place where only the wealthy can afford to live.
    I got in a fight with three goat ropers my first night there in 1971 at NAU. Cab driver sent me to the "Museum Club" on old hwy 66 east end of town. I was a long haired red neck back then and long hair was a ticket to an instant fight with the cowboys. First night and I landed in jail, geez. Sent to of the 'boys to the ER and the cops felt horrible arresting me. All I wanted was a beer. Cowboys and Indians it was, Round Up was downtown back then before they moved to to the fairgrounds, ruined it. I finally did cut me hair after several Navajos tried to 'cut' it for me. That was another fine brawl and I stayed outta the hoosgow that time. I think scrap was six on two, rather even. That one was outside Club 66 downtown, a total dive we were just walking by. I cringe as Flagstaff has become FAGSTAFF, ack, spit!!

    Used to trapse down to Tuscon to see my friends at U of A and it was a different place then as you so well know. Great music and there was fine watering hole called Poore's or Poor Boys close to campus. Had A-1 beer on tap, cheap eats. Sigh....

    Nice post and These morons would be right at home in POORegon. Please somebody rescue and get me back home to TEXAS!!

    1. PatriotUSA that sounds like interesting times! A great welcome to Flag on your first night in town, Geez! Not familiar with Poore's or Poor Boys, so must be gone. Odd because I was making my mark at the UA in the late 70s m'self. We went to Someplace Else... that was the name of the bar. Gone now, but its weird owner is still around some.

      Yes, used to be some good times here, but every week or two another restaurant or bar closes. Great pizza place called Zachary's back on 6th just went down last year.

      Let me know if you ever get down this way, and I'll do the same up there... always wanted to see Scapoose... who names a place Scapoose!?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Scapoose is an Indian name of course. Hope you have a good reason to go there. It is a dump. Been there, too many tweakers and illegal aliens like all of POORegon.

    I am over on the Right side of the Cascades. A pimple on the butt of the world known as Redmond, could be worse.

    I probably have the name of the bar wrong but it was a tits up place and can't say that I was sober enough to recall much of anything back then, Velcro.

    We used to fish the gulf several times a year. Just slept on the beach or found a place to rent for a few days, was not much back then. The locals were happy to spoil us. I speak Spanish fairly well being from Texas so getting along was never a problem and we were always respectful of the locals. Had to bribe our way out of a few situations.

    1. The gulf beaches are still pretty good destinations, but it is not as relaxing as it used to be with all of the cartel violence, or at least getting there and back.

      It's a bit hazy, but I think I see a book in your future with all of that "life experience"! :-D


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