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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A History Lesson: The Battle of Athens, 1946

I just read a remarkable story in American history I had never heard before, and it is very inspirational.  You should read it in full at Maggie's Notebook.  It illustrates the reason for the 2nd amendment.


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  1. This needs to be required reading in Washington.

  2. I learned about this in 6th grade from a very enlightened teacher who was one of my first great teachers.

    Required reading in every school, college and before any stupid politician begins their term.

    Required reading before any statist is removed from office or this life.

  3. Hi,
    I believe there is a movie about The Battle of Athens.
    It`s called " An American Story"
    It reminds me of my favorite movie, RIO LOBO.
    Vets coming together to defend the rights of the people.

    I think maybe thats why the founding Fathers told us that the 2nd Amendment was a right for freemen, as given by God.

    Take Care, BCAz
    USAF 1984-1990

    1. I did not know that. I was wondering it though, and hope I get the chance to see it sometime. Thanks!

    2. http://youtu.be/U5ut6yPrObw


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