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Monday, May 13, 2013

Conservatives: Paranoid Chicken Littles, huh?

My goodness!  I quit writing for a week or so and all hell breaks loose on the Obama Administration.  In just ONE WEEK nearly EVERYTHING conservatives have been saying about Obama for 4½ years has been proven right.  Why couldn't you Democrat voters have LISTENED??? 

This apparent action-reaction is enough to make me think about stopping blogging altogether.  And although the vast majority of folks who stumble across this place would likely support this type of attack on liberals, I'd have to figure out something else to deal with my blood pressure.  Until they invent a pill for that however, I'll just have to keep writing to bring it back down.

Benghazi.  Now that testimony has finally begun, it appears that the MSM (or LSM) can no longer avoid the fact that something BAD happened there on and before 9/11/12, which was followed in the months after in Washington by something downright COWARDLY and EGREGIOUS.  More words are warranted, but those that come to mind fail.  But all of this also means that the Obama Administration can't avoid dealing with Benghazi and the coverup any longer either.  Gee, Hillary, maybe your responsibility for the lives of your subordinates does matter after all.  From what I've gleaned, you should face charges, and your boss, the Liar-in-Chief should face impeachment.

IRS.  It's not paranoia when they're really after you.  Like most conservatives, I've been called paranoid plenty of times by liberals; it's one of their favorite belittlement words.  But lo and behold, in a move trying to head off the flood of criticism surely to follow, the IRS confirmed in a press conference last Friday the intentional bias the agency carried out against conservative groups who use the terms "patriot" and "tea party".  The very next day, we find out that part of Friday's announcement (and pseudo-apology) was a big lie!  The bias wasn't simply the overly-spirited work of low level employees in the Midwest, it was known - and condoned - at the highest levels in Washington. 

AP.  DOJ breaks into the phone records of reporters working for the Associated Press.  I find this turn of events somewhat amusing actually.  Its ok for the press to publish names, addresses and phone numbers of legal gun owners, and it's ok for the press to act as Obama's Ministry of Propaganda, but let the DOJ get AP phone records and they're (the ACLU anyway) SCREAMING about how IMPORTANT a free press is to democracy.  Yes, the DOJ's actions confirm the Nazi-like character of the Obama Administration, but I confess to laughing at the two-faced hypocrisy of the press.

Obamacare.  A quick scan of the recent news showed that Democrats as well as Republicans are trying to find a way out of this nightmare now that it's REALLY going to take place, and things are REALLY going to get bad.  (Some saying involving rats and a sinking ship comes to mind).  Now it appears that HHS Secretary Sebelius is in hot water for trying to "encourage" healthcare corporations to donate to get the next phase of Obamacare rolling.  Really appalling!

Hey Liberal!  All of this crap is exactly what Conservatives have been saying all along.  Take your fingers out of your ears and STFU about how tolerant you think you are. 

Engage Your Brain.


  1. And what is the mind of a sheeple doing?

    1. Dreaming of rainbows and unicorns I imagine...

  2. They are following the 6th army of the Fourth Reich into the 'kessel' in the new battle for Stalingrad. The sheeple continue to believe the propaganda from the regime.

    Geez, obozo is making Nixon look REALLY good.

    1. I am happy to see the comparison being made! If some of the stigma from RMN rubs off on BO, his agenda will get more and more difficult to put into action.

      Interesting description there PatriotUSA!


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