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Friday, May 17, 2013

Janet Napolitano's Border Patrol Priorities

Submitted by Velcro, crossposted at Blogs For Borders.

Those of you who have been here before know that I tend to champion Border Patrol agents, who are frequently stuck between political divisions, the law, the cartels, Eric Holder, and their (lack of ) high level leadership. 
Asked about morale and Great Moments in her career as Secretary of the DHS, Napolitano's answers aligns with her boss, the President.  The characterization of President Obama and his cabinet members as lying cheats who are out to destroy the Constitution, line their pockets, and hose the American people remains.  

The Border Patrol, Local 2544, Tucson Sector, reports on a video conference call where the Boss met with the troops.  Here it is, presented in it's entirety, with no additional emphasis on my part. 


Real leadership you cannot depend on.Real leadership you cannot depend on.
"It is great to have a “leader” with her priorities in the right place. During a video-conference session yesterday with agents and managers, Secretary Napolitano once again showed how out of touch she is with the rank-and-file employees who make DHS run.
"In response to a question about the low morale problem in CBP, she answered with a laugh “My morale is high.” Her dismissive comment is simply stunning, but unfortunately, it is typical of the way she has run things.
"Asked about her most memorable moment as DHS Secretary, she said something even more stunning. She said her most memorable moment as DHS Secretary was the time she threw out a first pitch at a Yankees game. This pretty much says it all. She revels in her “celebrity” while leading the largest law-enforcement agency in the history of this nation and the most memorable thing she has done is throwing a pitch at a baseball game. Not attending a funeral of a murdered agent, not meeting with the families of murdered agents, not anything to do with her job (outside her “celebrity” status), but throwing a pitch at a baseball game.
"And please don’t think these were just spontaneous comments. All questions had to be submitted days beforehand so she could select the questions she wanted to answer. This was a scripted publicity stunt designed to show she is “connecting” with agents.
"We have begged for real leadership in this Agency for years, and it’s become painfully apparent that nobody cares. It is more important to lie to the American people about how secure the borders are and to push for another amnesty program than it is to be a real leader of a law-enforcement agency.
NBPC representatives have attended musters and meetings with thousands of agents. We engage in the tough questions. We don’t hide behind some sort of imagined “celebrity” status. We don’t believe rank-and-file agents give one hoot about Napolitano throwing out some ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. We care about border security, being allowed to do our jobs, being able to take care of our families, getting the equipment and support we need. And we continue to dream about having a real leader who we can respect and trust."
How much longer will the American people allow Obama and his band of thugs and mobsters to rape, pillage, and party at our expense?

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  1. You ask, "How much longer ...". Well, as long as the sheeples get their checks.

  2. Sigh, Odie is right. The propensity for the American sheeple to continue as they are is well, just sickening to me.

    The list of crimes, lies and treasonous acts by her 'boss', the plantation owner and that she stands by him, her, it, the first queer bait mulatto POTUS speaks volumes about her. I am sure this really helped to put her in touch with the rank and file men and women who put their lives on the line everyday so the bosses can continue to destroy our country from within. She has her head so far up Obama's A$$ she should have died long ago. But then again, that environment is where these traitors live.

    My fondest memory of her would watching her swing from the gallows after being found guilty in Judge Issac Parker's court. See my post on him here if ya want to.


    I am stealing this for re-post over on PC, Velcro.

    Life is hell right now and you can read 'tween the words. Thank my friend!

    Stealing for PC.

    1. Thanks for stealing! I hear you on the rest, so please know that I am following through on my end...


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