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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Velcro is a Dull Boy - and a Sad One

UPDATE:  We were saddened to learn about the passing of our friend Bunni, about whom you can read here.  Until we meet again, Bunni.

You know, as in, "All work and no play..." 

Typical workday for Velcro

I haven't been as available to write as much recently as I would like.  For those of you who are gracious enough to risk insanity by visiting here often I say thank you, and I hope to get back on track soon.

There is a lot of stuff happening at work.  Not so much bad or good, just a lot of it.  [cue sad violin music] Twice this week I've been working until about 2:30am (no, I didn't go in at 11pm!).  Being a salaried employee, there's no overtime.  Work until the work's done.  Work before play (except that the work's never done.)

But, the truth is that it isn't all work.  There is a big chunk of what's going on that's swirling around the fact that my Mom is moving into a new townhouse.  She is approaching 83 years of age, and I count it a miracle of sorts that she's not moving into assisted living or worse.  She still drives halfway decently, travels, and enjoys being well enough off to help her kids out once in a while.

But growing up in the depression era continues to keep her skeptical of anyone involved in any big decision around money, especially something like buying a new home (She has lived in our old home for 50 years in June).  She keeps muttering about her certainty of being taken to the cleaners, and turns on that motherly charm in supplication of her son accompanying her to the bank, the title company, to see houses, buy boxes, help pack, etc. 

There are a few other minor things taking my attention, like my home's air conditioning going out the first week of 100 degree temperatures, a daughter frantically scrambling to finish semester-ending reports that hold the demise of civilization hanging in the balance, alternating with requests for advice about what to do with her clueless boyfriend.

And then, of course, back to work.

[sad music crescendo]

But I do have things in the pipeline. 
Stay tuned... I'll be back soon.


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  1. I'll be sitting right here, waiting ........

    1. Thanks, Odie. You're a good friend!

  2. I ain't going anywhere, Velcro.

    Fact is, if I was close enough I would offer to help you and your Mom out, just the way I am. Now as battered as my body is, how much help I could offer might be looked upon with a bit of lunacy, cast towards me. Oh well, not the first or last time. So Velcro, I understand where you are at in many ways. I am in a similar spot of sorts.

    I will hang right here with Odie. If I fall asleep just toss a cold one in front of me.......
    You and your site are worth waiting for.

    1. Thank you, PatriotUSA... very kind words. And I appreciate the willingness to help; I get the "spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" sentiment. Right there with you! :-)

      Thanks again!


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