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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grijalva Doesn't Give a Rat's Ass About Tucson's Poor

[Yesterday's post was titled, "Tucson Families At Risk".  A pretty lame title.  And it got the attention it deserved.  So I repost the article here, with a title more fitting to my point.]

If you're an average person in Tucson, you don't make very much money.  Maybe you work for a school district, or you're a carpenter, and at night you're a convenience store clerk.  Your spouse or partner (if you have one) works at a call center, or a store in Park Mall, or as a mechanic in a garage.
You don't make much money, but you care about your family.  Family is what's important.  You've got 2 or 3 kids to look after, but you can't make it to most of the ball games or concerts because you're always working.  You've also got your ailing mother to take care of.  Why?  Because you care about your family, that's what's important to you.  You don't leave her care to some stranger.
On Saturdays your small back yard is full of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and lots of kids running around.  Because they're family, and that's what's important.  Everyone brings something to eat because neither you nor they make much money and everyone shares the burden.  On Sunday you go to Mass.
Now, let's say that, all of a sudden, for no reason that benefits you, a politician in Washington decides that the company you work for, and others like it, need to pay lots of money to the government in Washington.  Because the politician doesn't like your kind of company.  If the company was stable, now it may not be as stable.  There might be layoffs.  You may get laid off.  How are you going to take care of your spouse, kids, mom?  How are you going to pay for your house and the electric bill?
And this politician said he fights for the downtrodden, for the poor people.  But this bill he wants to pass could make life hell for you and your family, especially because you and your family don't have much money.  In fact, almost everything he has done has hurt working families like yours.  If you work for a hotel, or a tourism company, you remember when he took food out of your kids' mouths when he told the whole country NOT to come to Arizona.

Talk to people who worked in the mines back when they were busy.  It was hard work, but it paid well and had good benefits.  The mines are trying to come back with their good jobs and family benefits.  But Raul Grijalva hates the mines despite the fact that working people with families like you would be lots better off.
He's a two-faced liar, and he's richer than you or I will ever be.  He likes to live high on the hog on your money and mine.  Working people and poor people cannot rely on him, cannot trust him. 

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer for Congress in 2014.
Protect your job and help your family.

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