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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tucson - A City Stuck on Stupid (Liberalism)

Welcome to Losersville!!  (Those aren't my words, they're the words of an economic expert.)

Back in April, I wrote a response to an article in the Arizona Daily "Red" Star about Tucson maintaining its firm place in MarketWatch's Bottom Ten Cities in America - which makes it a veritable liberal paradise.  No money, no jobs, high emphasis on "culture", everybody on the government handout.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild wants to attract people who don't need jobs:  "We need to be attracting people who want to get out and hike and bike. People who like culture and history," Rothschild said. "Not people who are coming to see the old West."  (I thought the old West was history... silly me).  A quote from the obligatory university professor echoes the sentiment: "It's a shame that our kids move away," [University of Arizona professor of Geography and Urban Development David Plane] said. "But a lot of us enjoy Tucson because it's not a slick, corporate place..."

 Must be nice to be part of the 1%, the liberal elite

However, the proverbial rope is running out, and soon Tucson will hang itself.  According to another article in the Arizona Daily "Red" Star, economic development expert Mark Lautman, "founding director of Albuquerque-based Community Economics Lab, a think tank for new approaches to economic development," is "hoping to stir an "awakening" among city leaders," because Tucson is about to become "Losersville":

"• Almost all qualified workers are fully employed, leaving no labor pool to attract new companies.
• The community is desensitized from years of reports of poor economic and education rankings.
• Maintenance of roads or landscaping is reduced or eliminated.
• Revenues shrink as demand for services increases, leading to tax increases.
• "CAVE" people - Citizens Against Virtually Everything - decry business incentives."


With leadership that has squandered millions of dollars in taxpayer money on boondoggles like Rio Neuvo and the now-in-deep-doo-doo Tucson "Modern" Streetcar, I seriously doubt that Lautman's report will make any difference whatsoever. 

So the poor stay poor, and those who don't want to be poor, leave.  Natural selection in action maintaining the elite liberal paradise.


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  1. That would be my town if it weren't for the tourists. When I moved here 32 years ago it was a nice sleepy conservative town (unincorporated). Then the people from San Francisco started moving in in droves. They wanted to escape Bay Area politics ... yeah right. Our town is now incorporated and liberal as can be. One nice thing though, I live 200 feet outside the town, in the next county.

    1. Liberals stink things up wherever they go, Odie.

  2. Hi, we moved to Tucson from Phx when I was 10 years old. Spent 8 years there, 1 week after graduation, I went to Lackland AFB to start my USAF training.
    When I got out, I couldn`t find a job in Tucson, but found one in Tempe, told my dad, See ya pop! I`m going back to the Valley!...
    Anyway, my parents still live there, and let me tell you its an armpit. My parents street was paved only 8 years ago, no streetlights as of yet.( they live less than a mile from Tucson Mall) Tucson Mall used to be a nice place to go, now it`s full of Mexicans, from Mexico. And it seems like a mausoleum.
    My dad says gangs of kids roam the neighborhoods causing all kinds of mayhem, He called me a few months ago, in the middle of a street riot.
    The roads are crappy, pot holes every where. Drugs are rampant, and to tell the truth it reminds me of towns in New Mexico.
    My parents want to leave so bad, but there are no buyers for her house. (No American ones anyway)
    I have lots of stories to tell about that place, but no time.
    I am so glad to have left that place, I have to go for Fathers Day and I hope it goes well.
    By the way, I am an American of Hispanic descent, and tired of the colonization of our country.
    USAF 1984-1990

    1. Hey thanks for coming by again. I know that area of town pretty well myself, and it has changed a lot over the years, pretty much neglected by the city. I hope your parents are able to sell and get a decent return soon. On my way home from work, I drive up Oracle from Grant to River, and from Ft. Lowell south it just seems almost lawless.

  3. As Velcro knows I have history in AZ that runs back to 1971, mostly up in the high rim country. I remember what Tuscon was like back in the 70's, a great city steeped in the history of the region. I had friends at U of A and I came down quite often from Flagstaff.
    We fished the hell outta the Gulf.

    Tuscon is on it's way to becoming another Detroit, period. God forbid the 'progressive, regressive liberals allow anything like manufacturing or industry in that would help create jobs. I have little doubt that the progressive elitist statists have ruined that with regulations that rival the EPA Nazi rule.

    Tuscon is a large version of Bend, Oregon just down the road from where I live. The term POVERTY WITH A VIEW is what describes Bend and Central Oregon. A most beautiful place with few decent jobs, lots of rich retirees and those fleeing the foulness of Falikornia or the 'Yeast coast.' A hardscrabble area that breaks people until most leave. The rich get richer and yes, CAVE people.

    If I could figure out a way to leave POOREGON, I would but where to go? Texas, Northeastern Nevada, back to the high country of at least 7,000'. I have to be able to work part time and at 60, being an orthopedic wrecking yard, me options are slim.

    Tuscon, no way and nothing personal. I could never be a flatlander.

    BC AZ, Thank you for your service!!!!

    1. Sorta late getting back to the comments here... Poverty with a view, what a great phrase! And accurate for Tucson too! Hope things are going ok for you.


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