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Monday, July 1, 2013

Poverty With A View

There's a conservative bumper sticker that says, "Annoy a Liberal: Work Hard, Prosper, Succeed".  Ironically, it was soon followed by the appearance of a liberal bumper sticker that went something like, "Annoy a Conservative: Be Compassionate, [...] , Uphold the Constitution"!  I say ironically because under the Obama Administration, the Constitution has been under relentless attack, with the apparent goal of shredding it as the foundation of our rule of law.

The exhortation to be compassionate is a sick joke, though perhaps less obvious than the thought of liberals upholding the Constitution.  I can think of few things as cold and dispassionate as blocking a family's means of feeding and clothing itself.  Especially when the reason for keeping people in poverty is because the desert is so pretty!

Poverty with a view. (h/t PatriotUSA)

Of course, I'm referring to the Rosemont Mine.  Arizona State University Report 2009 states that Rosemont Copper will stimulate a total of $19 billion in new economic output to the region over the life of the mine, including an average of 2,900 jobs annually.

Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva, who actively fights to keep the poor from prospering and becoming self-sufficient, is of course, solidly against Rosemont since it would be a source of so much prosperity.  In fact, rather than have all that money go to local families he is pushing (again) for huge fees that mining companies would have to pay to the federal government, fees large enough to make them think twice about doing business here.

He claims to worry about out of towners making money without pointing out how much money would stay here (see Fast Facts).  His other tactic is environmentalism.  He wanted to make up to 100 miles from the Mexican border a preserve that would have banned the Border Patrol from the area.  Hmmm, I wonder what his real motive might have been there... 

He's not the only one to use environmentalism as a tactic to keep the poor from prospering.  Recently a salvo was fired that was thinly disguised as "critical habitat*" news in the Arizona Daily "Red" Star: 

Start with an interesting photo of a jaguar... oh, did I mention is was near the Rosemont Mine?
Jaguar Roves Near Rosemont Mine (Arizona Daily "Red" Star 6/28/2013)

Throw in a hint of controversy to keep peoples' attention...
Hunter's 'great' jaguar photo was altered (Arizona Daily "Red" Star 6/29/2013)

Then bring in a big hammer to give it a national spotlight, and circulate it at the UA...
Rare Jaguar Sighting in Arizona's Santa Rita Mountains (Time Magazine 7/1/2013) 


Grijalva and friends speak as if their gallant fight is against the bad, evil mine.  However, the mine is only a means to an end - a better life for Tucson and southern Arizona.  The truth is that Grijalva and friends are fighting to keep... poverty with a view - for Tucson and southern Arizona.

Vote Gabriela Saucedo Mercer for Congress 2014!

[In fairness to the Star, they have recently run the following headlines: 

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  1. Good luck. There's nothing worse than a group of liberals lying to the sheeples. "We can't let the sheeples get ahead because they won't need us any more."

  2. Hey, Thanks for using me title!!!

    This is the highest honor I can think of, honor among thieves. PWAV is quite appropriate for this feed, Velco.

    A Jaguar is all fine, good and oh ah look! Butterfly, squirrel and oh, people outta work to save a stinking Jaguar.

    Me thinks I would have wasted the Jaguar and been done with it. Secretly and quietly as possible, no muss, no fuss. As one who has run a trap line decades ago I see things a bit differently. No, I do not want to kill every last Jaguar, Cougar, wolf, etc. but I worked a couple of summers in the copper Mines at Morenci-Clfton for Phelps Dodge long ways back. Was great money back then and these are family wage jobs that Southern Arizona must have.

    Typical libtarded, environazi behavior. Lock it all up, save every stick, twig, ant, grain of sand and let the tourists bring their gold to the precious Jaguar. All mines are evil now, right? Heaven forbid a guy can land a great paying job that IS NOT working for the gov't and support his/her family WITHOUT any gov't handouts. I am NOT knocking those who need those services to actually survive, a bridge, whatever. I have been on food stamps before and was grateful for the help when needed but it should not be a way of life or entitlement like these dumb ass socialists and fascists want.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. I am hoping that the 80% or so of Tucsonans, those who make $30k or less, will see the lies they've been told by Raul "Boycott Arizona" Grijalva and bounce him out of office in 2014. He is the most anti-mine idiot here, and thats saying something!

    Hope all is well, still in my prayers.


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