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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jus' Trying to Be Helpful...

Maybe you've had some of these experiences like I have. 

I try to be helpful to people.  But often, you go out of your way to help somebody, and they don't appreciate it.  On the other hand, there are times when you're just standing there, minding your own business, and somebody finds some way to get upset at you.  Can't win.

I've had people tell me all about how oppressive white society is.  Didn't know that bein' white made me an oppressor.  I've had women (and men) tell me how the worst thing is that we're in a male dominated society.  Mental illness, menopause, menstruation... bad things start with men. 

Course, we've all heard how hateful we conservatives are, and how bad we make life for everyone else, so on and so forth... But all this puzzled me.

Well I've been introspectin' a bit, and I've decided that I must be looking at it all wrong.  People want to be all upset and angry.  They don't want to be happy, because then there'd be nothin' to raise a ruckus about.  Sort of a circular argument, but there it is.  I wasn't bein helpful.

So I'm trying to turn a new leaf over (or whatever the sayin is) in being helpful to people.  I borrowed an idea from a friend of mine in New Mexico, adjusted it a bit, and am gonna stick it on my bumper:

You can borrow the idea if you want to... Jus' trying to be helpful.


  1. We duh bad guys. Don't you just hate that crap. Now Hank Arron is even doing it. We can't win, huh Whitey.

    1. That's right... before you know it, Spike Lee's going to try to whip up a lynch mob. Oh, wait... he already did that with George Zimmerman's supposed parents (except he got the wrong people in danger)...

  2. Good to see ya back, Velcro. Yeah, I know about these progressive douchetards. I think lots of rope and various calibers helps out as an equalizer.

    Sorry to hear about your health stuff. I know that stuff all too well. I have had to dial back my presence quite a bit due to similar stuff and been outta a work over a year now and it is real scary.

    1. Wow, sorry to hear that. You're in good company, but I hope it turns around real quick!!!


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